Dark Dark Moon

1. it’s all too terribly sad– is it? even the midwinter sun? 2. a kind of hammer and grappling hook with the rope carefully coiled and set beside fresh dug earth around the manhole cover looked terribly out of place in the forest. 3. they were both wearing jackets– and then all of a sudden […]

The God of Water

They’re called Sea Angels, nearly microscopic they fly beneath the ice in the waters near Japan. I imagine them a fluid, gliding constellation– each their own design and distinct yet innumerable and that maybe we’ve got it flipped– it’s the sky’s reflection: we’ve been searching and insisting for god pining with craned necks doing everything […]


current attitude: tea quiet sweet milky (non-dairy, standard) 2,000 or so Veterans are en route to Standing Rock. Listen to the way your body responds to that. (pleasure of all pleasures) “Christmas” is on the way… fuck that noise. Capitalism is an opioid, distresses the guts and makes you constipated. We don’t need presents. We […]


I’ve been reading Derrick Jensen’s The Myth of Human Supremacy and he uses this quote as an epigram to a later chapter. I’m compelled by it, I feel my posture (crumbling)when I look at my phone or computer overlong…I notice my perceptual gateways when driving… these moments of feeling and noticing arise typically after who-knows-how-long…after […]

The Work

This has been quite the week. I have a tendency to resist things that are stated with that emphatic, 100% backing to it, maybe it’s my outsider nature… but there’s that side to the popular yoga culture, that side that’s pushing ‘yoga will save the world’ as though Yoga will get out of bed one […]