Continuous & Connected

deepen your practice

Consistent, earnest, and inquisitive practice can yield revelatory and clarifying alignment; an understanding of the relationship between oneself and the world that is, while likely non-linear, continuous in its becoming more and more clear.

In these virtual monthly series we’ll be inquiring into the wisdom of immediate experience by exploring some of the embodied principles of the yoga practice through the lens of the asana. This series is open to all levels of practitioner and at heart is a continuous invitation to deepen into your practice, your life, and the felt and moving understanding of yourself, connected. My offerings are necessarily influenced by the Shadow Yoga practice and the fluid inquiry of somatics. Some prior experience with asana is useful, but certainly not necessary. I am always available for any questions you may have with respect to the shapes we transition through, and accessible, effective ways of moving in them.

Each month the focus will shift, and will necessarily be connected to what’s come before it. Drop-ins are welcome, however as with any kind of deep learning engagement, consistency is the way. We practice every Tuesday + Thursday from 7-8am on Zoom, and recordings (they stay good for 4 days) are available. Please email me at for more information regarding payment and participation.

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