About Me


I believe the intelligent language of the body has the capacity to inform, enliven, and amplify the spoken word, and that that relationship is of mutual benefit. It is primarily from that perspective that I inquire into these practices: how am I in dialogue with earth and space, is it congruous, is it felt? The information I continue to receive supports my understanding that it is through collaborative effort that we daily make the world, and my intention in sharing this work is interwoven with my desire that the living community receives the benefit of our collective awakening.

I have endless gratitude for all my teachers and count myself especially lucky to have Sarah Trelease as my primary teacher. I continue to study with her, and to her I bow deeply. The various lineages of these practices and the meanderings of my life have lead me to the Shadow Yoga school, to which I am humbled and grateful, and I bow to Mandy Kruger and my good fortune to be in community with her. I bow most tenderly, hands to heart, face to earth, to the North Portland Yoga community. The medicine I receive renders me forever in your service.

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