About Me


I utilize the yoga practice, somatic meditation, daily journaling, and both language- and sound-based modes of creation to expand my awareness of myself in the world, and hold as a mutable truth (while claiming zero authority on the truth) that each day we collaboratively make the world. Using the preternaturally wise words of Grace Lee Boggs “transform yourself to transform the world” as point of departure and return, I work to embody my trust in a world wherein everyone gets what they need, lives long and prospers, and counts all of life as one’s kith and kin.

I have endless gratitude for these practices and all of the teachers I’ve been fortunate to study with along the way. Since taking my first class as an aging teen in the library of my high school, the various lineages of these practices and the currents of my life have lead me to the Shadow Yoga school, to which I am humbled and grateful and I bow to Mandy Kruger and my good fortune to be in community with her. I bow most tenderly, hands to heart, face to earth, to the North Portland Yoga community. The medicine I receive renders me forever in your service.

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