A Moving Analytical System


can we slow down the process of receiving information and transmitting meaning back into the world? generally speaking (caveat: i am not a brain scientist) we move so very quickly, the turn around time of receiving information and transmitting meaning (i like this/i don’t; this is good/this is bad) happens in less time than it takes to blink our eyes. Patthabi Jois said yoga is an internal practice, the rest is just a circus. like a river, the real work of these practices happens far below the surface, and like water, boundaries only exist insofar as our conception of them: river, creek, tributary, bay, harbor, ocean, rain, ice, snow, fog, cloud…the shape of things, the form things take–how we conceive of them depends entirely upon how we receive them.

one of the tasks these practices present to us is: can we build a moving analytical system? the practice of yogasana, over time and with much repetition can become moving meditation, and probably we’ve experienced that enough to understand it thusly–can we use the tools the yoga practice enables us to hone in order to build an effective and clarified moving analytical system, one in which we intentionally graduate ourselves out of the binary system of attachment and aversion…which isn’t to say we won’t like or dislike, but that the way we conceive and transmit is conscious. in other words, the way in which we collaborate in the daily creation of the world we share is wakeful, and is dependent entirely on the actual context and our ability to present in and with it.

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