Excess of Life



I have been thinking about death since I met you.
But what I have in mind is nothing like
common sorrow. It’s more like a certainty
of the totality of my days in this
world where I’ve been able to find you.
Suddenly I have all the impatience of everyone
who loved and loves, the unshareable urgency
of those in love. I don’t want geography
but love—it is the only thing my heart knows.
In my life there is no room for this excess of life.
It would be better to tell you I meditate on things
(borders and distances) in the proper terms
of resurrection, when we will rise
over the fixed locations of time and space,
independent of the sea that separates us.
The perfect moment I dream of is the embrace,
unrushed, the kisses that have remained unkissed.
I dream that your body lives next to my body
and I wait for the morning when there will be no limits.

-juan antonio gonzalez iglesias

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