Better Recognize…

The human brain

The mind of the room and the consciousness, once we explore something, tell us where we are. It’s not our cognition but it’s our cortical cells recognizing the consciousness rather than directing the consciousness. We are not using our cortical cells to direct the experience but rather to be aware of the experience and recognize it. And then we can let it go. It doesn’t have to keep holding the recognition. The quality of consciousness maintains it, not the thinking about it or the theorizing about it.

–Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen

We are always creating and sharing our experience of the world.

It makes sense to me that there is a mind and a consciousness in a room, in a forest, in a kitchen…how we relate is, well, how we experience.

It seems quite liberating, doesn’t it?

We don’t have to direct, mostly because we aren’t directing anything at all, and leastly because it’s exhausting…I imagine it could be something like wearing a winter wetsuit in a hot tub.

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