Contemplative Yoga Practice

Practice Your Life

Centering In This Right Here, This Right Now

The arc of consistent, earnest, and inquisitive practice bends toward a clarifying alignment.

Practice happens in the present moment of your life as you’re living it; practice your life.

Yoga at Xenana

Monday 9-10am + 6-7pm (sliding scale $1-15)

Wednesday 9-10am + 12-1pm

Friday 12-1pm

Saturday 9:30-10:30am + 11-12pm (sliding scale $1-15)

Sunday 10-11am

(I offer virtual practices as well, be in touch, to get on the email list)

Continuous & Connected

I understand bodies to be the current iteration of the evolutionary brilliance of the cosmos, all those billions of light years having brought each of us precisely to this moment connected to everyone and everything in all the circles and dimensions of time AND we are living through a massive shift in planetary life as we know it. How can practice support us?

By deepening into the real-time research of our own bodies the feeling of trusting what emerges can be established; and utilizing with humility the profound teachings of this indigenous practice from India, and incorporating them into daily life, we can reclaim and be reclaimed by the beauty of simplicity, reestablish ourselves in right, reciprocal relationship with our most vibrant planet and all of her people.

Cary Spaeth

I have been a dedicated practitioner of Yoga for more than half my life, and have been teaching for roughly 13 years. I came to Shadow Yoga after the death of my father when I was in my  early 30s, having felt the instinctual/intuitive pull to an established and strong container that I understood to be authentic in its approach, and have been on that particular path ever since. The elegance of that practice informs the facilitation I offer, and supports my life in every other way. Prior to that, I have been a student of several forms of Hatha Yoga including Astanga, Vinyasa, and Restorative; am inspired and indebted to Body Mind Centering, each in their way as well inform my offerings. In another life I was the steward of North Portland Yoga, and that was an honor in the highest. I attempt to locate myself daily, both in my own body, and in the sociopolitical environment we share on the stolen lands called The United States. I attempt to be a humble guest upon this lineage, and hold that Yoga cannot capitulate to capitalism. These are anti-capitalist practices my friends, and we have to learn that radical wisdom in our bodies so that we may continue imagining and shaping a livable world for all beings. Let’s practice.