The ever changing nature of existence is where we wake up. The construction of permanence is where there is great capacity to shut down and shut off. And so the inquiry into body is necessarily a selfsame inquiry into mind is necessarily a selfsame inquiry into the arising and passing away of time as we live it. Through our inquiry we can wake up to the way we create our world, we can wake up to the way we create our existence.

The closer we look at the minute detail of matter, the more we discover of its profound structure. — Carlo Rovelli

(all classes happen at North Portland Yoga)

tuesday 6.00-7.15pm  hatha/vinyasa

wednesday 7.30-8.45 pm yin yoga  (currently taking a short hiatus from this one class)

thursday 6.00-7.15pm hatha/vinyasa

friday 12-1pm hatha/vinyasa

saturday 9.30-11.00 am hatha/vinyasa

sunday 10-11.30am hatha/vinyasa *subbing this class through October 13th, 2019*

sunday 6.00-7.15 pm slow flow (sliding scale $7-15)




Wide Body, Altitudinous Breath

A low-residency retreat to Joseph, Oregon with the beautiful community already going on out there, November 15th-17th
“Depending upon which dimension you are experiencing, everything you perceive acquires the depth and beauty of that dimension.” A.H. Almaas
“…conversation is a crucial way to explore what we believe and to make new understandings and ideas possible.” adrienne maree brown
From the moment we are one cell, we are each on the journey of impermanent change and growth, and it’s happening in the context of relating to wherever we happen to be. This process of relating is happening in both directions. Extend an arm and circle it through space, and space selfsame extends and circles. It is a tender conversation. All the time our bodies are in dialogue with the worlds around us and within us, are being shaped by and shaping those worlds in real time. Our fingerprints tell the remembered story of exploring and organizing our first home, our movements and footsteps articulate the current one. Our bodies contain within them a primordial wisdom of growth patterns, of coming together and coming apart, of balance and letting go, and that wisdom has long lasting implications.
For 3 days we’ll gather together in and around Joseph, OR. We’ll inquire into the potent tools and techniques the somatic and contemplative practices of yoga have the capacity to uncover and illuminate.
Friday 11/15
Opening circle, grounding practice/yin yoga
Saturday 11/16
Warming hatha flow
Seated meditation, walking meditation, and pranayama
Sunday 11/17
warming hatha flow, closing circle

As always, best of luck to you out there. It’s real, and it’s happening all the time. Let’s be together when we can.

Interested in private sessions?

send an email to for inquiries & rates


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