The ever changing nature of existence is where we wake up. The construction of permanence is where there is great capacity to shut down and shut off. And so the inquiry into body is necessarily a selfsame inquiry into mind is necessarily a selfsame inquiry into the arising and passing away of time as we live it. Through our inquiry we can wake up to the way we create our world, we can wake up to the way we create our existence.

The closer we look at the minute detail of matter, the more we discover of its profound structure. — Carlo Rovelli

(all classes happen at North Portland Yoga)

tuesday 6.00-7.15pm  hatha/vinyasa

wednesday 7.30-8.45 pm yin yoga

friday 12-1pm hatha/vinyasa

saturday 9.30-11.00 am hatha/vinyasa

sunday 6.00-7.15 pm slow flow (sliding scale $7-15)


I am thrilled to be in collaboration with the team at Temenos Rising. This summer I’ll be sharing the yoga practice on two of their retreats! The first will be a kayaking trip through the Salish Sea, and the second will be a backpacking trip on the Olympic Peninsula. Meeting Irene, one half of the Temenos team, felt very fortuitous, and when she asked me if I had ever gone backpacking (yes, but only once as a disgruntled teenager) it was as though worlds were coming together … after my father died I took to walking in the forest with my baby dog, a practice that I had previously been too frightened to undertake. Through cultivating that practice I felt in me a swelling desire to walk for days, just me and the dog, and to sleep at night with only synthetic material between us and the livingworld. I’ll keep the details short, here, and finish by including that when Irene mentioned the Olympic Peninsula, it wasn’t a question: it was a definitive, affirmative, yes. In lieu of these trips I have decided to press pause on my annual Oregon Coast retreat. While I love offering and holding the space, I found that all of the work of organizing and hoping for “enough people” to sign up was detracting from the deep and sincere love of togetherness. I do plan to pick up the threads of it, and who knows, I may very well change my mind and decide to go for it this year! But one thing that does make sense, and does so very clearly, is that real (as in really real) collaborative community is where I want to be. I’m so grateful to Temenos Rising, to you, and to this worldly existence replete with all sorts of experiences and opportunities to learn and grow. Take a look at their website and get registered. Let’s practice togetherness together.


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