I’ve been a member of North Portland Yoga for about 2 years and I look the most forward to Cary’s Saturday morning class. Her teaching style awakens me. Cary challenges me both physically and spiritually. I welcome the sweat pouring down my face during class and it’s not even a hot yoga studio! Cary possesses a warm, calm and gentle demeanor that makes you feel welcome and accepted no matter your abilities. I’ve progressed under her guidance. She helped me with my very first headstand! I am truly grateful for her influence in my practice as it translates to my life off the mat.

(Karla Friesen)

There was something about today – the beauty of the studio with giant well-cared for plants, 7 foot windows with blue skies and huge clouds in the distance, the music, your instruction. Unpretentious yet deep and knowledgeable. Balance poses always a challenge but done with fluidity, somehow makes them more manageable. Instruction and guidance of how to be in and with this mind, this body. With humor. Sequence and timing of poses – excellent! I’ve been doing yoga in Portland for 21 years – there’s something special – in you, your instruction, your studio. Thank you for the gift of your teaching!

(Monica Zimmerman)

Cary owns the space.

She moves through it with a focused equilibrium, welcoming and full of intention. She is both precise and imaginative with language in a way that invites me, as her student, to repurpose obstacles (spiritual, physical, metaphysical, quotidian, …).

She owns — is inhabited by — the space around her and has taught me to do the same.

(Joseph Patrick Kapp IV)

I have been taking classes with Cary at North Portland Yoga for almost 2 and a half years. In that time she has grown to be one of my very favorite teachers, and I can see the influence of her teachings in my own practice. Cary provides beautiful, poetic cues, and her skilled use of language has really helped me to feel deeper into my body and experience. The sequencing of her classes just feels so natural, and that comforting structure provides great freedom for individual exploration. I have always appreciated how her teaching incorporates the philosophy of the yoga practice, as this has helped me better connect with Yoga and begin to make my practice my own. Cary has created a physically and energetically beautiful studio in North Portland Yoga, a practice space that feels warm and supportive. I am so grateful to learn from such a gentle, genuine person.

(Molly Vickers)

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