And when you

smile for the camera
I know I’ll love you better 

(*Peg, Steely Dan)


A lovely day…

what a welcome sight!
with hot tea and the sun on the rise…
when lunabea died i was with her, i received the deepest gift i’ve ever known in holding her as her spirit left her body: it was the closest i have ever come to feeling god…feeling deep truth that is non-negotiable (maybe…), we are spirit beings embodied, and through our separated bodies we are tasked with navigating the poles of Oneness/Aloneness to remember that they are actually the same, that through them–if we allow ourselves to–we can live creatively and lovingly in order that every aspect of phenomenal world/spirit world can fully express itself and be known/felt to/by us.
the 9 is the honed, more realized 1: the 1 (ace) of cups wants to love so badly it throws its love all over the place, and is sweetly impulsive…the 9 is symbolic and reflective of the moon, that cosmic divine body that rules all of water…wise in her loving, deep in her loving.