Tuesday, The Magus

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The key for the Magus is to trust the lessons of experience. The Magus is continually refining internal energies. This means that the Magus is becoming a clear and calm actor and reactor, and clear and calm channel of the inner word. The Magus meets calamity with constancy.
(Eakins, Tarot of the Spirit)


My Warehouse Eyes…

my arabian drums.


I listened to that song on repeat today with the sunroof open and contrived to remember driving with you, the top down and the engine roaring. You used to sing all the time. Not for anyone, not for anything. Just for you, for your life. I can’t remember when you stopped singing, yet I find myself trying to at the randomest of times. Making tea, looking at jewelry, depositing money at the bank. It catches me off guard and I swear I can feel the Earth moving beneath me, roiling, like the ground could open at any second and eat me alive.


as i was locking up
they had secured
their blindfolds
and in a procession
followed their leader
who chimed
a triangle
every third step–
between the land
and clouds the sky
was a shining gold into pink

all the time
im thinking of you:
how you would have stood
how we would have talked about it all

as we walked home


i make room
for things like:

(it was just a mistake

the sun set just past
7.30 pm pst
and it’s too late
to call

youre both asleep
and save for
light cloud cover–

the moon
just past full,
reflects its light

off the snow covered ground)