…can often be elusive
so we find it where we can
step by step
through the permeable skin
and shaky ground



Yoga Sutras…

for When Everything is F*cking Horrible, threads 11-14


11.Privilege doesn’t make you a dick. Being informed of your privilege, taking it as a personal instead of a sociological critique and getting defensive about it does. Being a privileged dick comes from a toxic combination of luck, hubris, and intellectual dishonesty. It’s actually hard not to be a privileged dick: it requires patience, the hard work of self-inquiry, and developing a meta-view that doesn’t seem to evolve naturally.
12.None of these things will be directly improved by posture, handstands, mindfulness, meditation, or the trappings of Indian culture. Education, emotional transparency, and accepting the paradox of knowing things must change while knowing they might not are among the practices required to end the chaos of injustice. Then one has to let that paradox agitate.
13.Practice, more generally expressed, is the sustained effort to tolerate pain with enough hope intact to spread to other people.
14.We’ll have to do it forever.

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A living being is a temporary combination of various elements, always changing, just as a river is composed of uncountable drops of water, never remaining static even for the smallest imaginable moment of time.
-Fremantle, Luminous Emptiness