Better Recognize…

The human brain

The mind of the room and the consciousness, once we explore something, tell us where we are. It’s not our cognition but it’s our cortical cells recognizing the consciousness rather than directing the consciousness. We are not using our cortical cells to direct the experience but rather to be aware of the experience and recognize it. And then we can let it go. It doesn’t have to keep holding the recognition. The quality of consciousness maintains it, not the thinking about it or the theorizing about it.

–Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen

We are always creating and sharing our experience of the world.

It makes sense to me that there is a mind and a consciousness in a room, in a forest, in a kitchen…how we relate is, well, how we experience.

It seems quite liberating, doesn’t it?

We don’t have to direct, mostly because we aren’t directing anything at all, and leastly because it’s exhausting…I imagine it could be something like wearing a winter wetsuit in a hot tub.



Photo 243

On that night, too excited to sleep, infinite possibilities seemed to swirl above me.  I stared up at the plaster ceiling as I had done as a child.  It seemed to me that the vibrating patterns overhead were sliding into place.

The mandala of my life.  -Patti Smith


Cosmopolitania in Spring


We find a path by carving it out of the conditions of our lives.  Though we hope that religious practices and spiritual teachings will draw us out of sorrow and into an eternally steady and calm state, attention to the body anchors us in the actuality of present experience whether painful, lonely, sad, or joyful.  Over time, these teachings and practices bring about a less reactive and more creative way of being in the world, though they cannot remove the inevitable pain and difficulty that comes with being an engaged human citizen.  -Michale Stone

Accepting our kinship with all life on earth is not only solid science…it is also a soaring spiritual experience.  -N.D. Tyson

We are a way for the cosmos to know itself.  -Carl Sagan




Om Namah Shivaya

Kinds of Genesis

ideas string out
into islands
and pepper our understandings
of ‘ocean’:
and you,
you flail your arms
in solicitation of laughter–
(it can’t be helped)
so what if at the end of
the working day
it’s a deathly hunger
that ripples the pit
of our bellies?
if time does
go round and round
her words are an endlessly repeating
i cry, but not for lack of answer
or rather a decent shot at one,
more like from the pain
you might associate
with a slow
i bite the inside of my cheek
and watch the seamlessness of it–
warm blood fills my mouth
and stains my teeth.
an open wound grins back at me:
the setting sun,
water lapping the last of the land,
and the palm’s fronds, delicate
in their sway
make a whispering sound
as if to say–
so tell me what it is
you plan
to do.


forest trilliums 2

“Allowing the pleasure of the commonplace to shimmer is a lovely skill.”-M. Remski

forest walks with friends

footsteps set alight in the glow of the riparian floor

discarded spiral snail shells, and

the marvel of such simple